C Long Crack Windshield Repair Resin

C resin is for long windshield crack repair and is best used with our Dual Head Injector where two resins are injected at the same time.

C windshield repair resin is designed for longer cracks up to 24″. Windshield cracks are tight at the tip and as they go to the edge the gap opens up and gets wider. Crack Eraser Pro Kits.com technology uses a thin resin usually 45 chip repair resin in the first barrel of our Dual Injector then we use the C long crack resin in the second barrel. This provides a multi viscosity approach for long crack repair. C resin is a thick viscosity resin and if used in a single injector you will need to use a thin resin for the tight part of the crack usually the first 2 to 4 inches and then switch to the C long crack resin. However using a Dual Injector with the multi viscosity approach will insure the best results for long crack repair.

Most shops steer away from long windshield crack repair because they do not have the correct technology to repair longer cracks. Doing long crack repair will add to any shops bottom line and is easy to do if you have the right windshield repair tools for crack repair. We are experts in long crack repair and can provide you the windshield repair resins and windshield repair tools to repair cracks up to 24″.

We sell 6cc, 10cc, 15cc, 250 milliliters and liters of our long crack repair resin. We can ship anywhere in the world.

If you have questions about long crack repair technology or if our resins will work with your windshield repair system please contact us at 1-877-835-7965 or email us at info@crackeraserprokits.com.