Looking for a Business Opportunity?

Start a Windshield Repair Business

We are a company that sells windshield repair kits and provides training to individuals who are motivated self-starters and would like to take the opportunity to become their own boss by starting their own windshield repair business. Whatever your situation, if you are looking for a career change or just looking for some additional income, windshield repair businesses are proving to be a very lucrative venture and with the right tools, materials, and training you could very well discover that this is the opportunity of a lifetime. We offer several options in the windshield repair kit, each of which comes with a training DVD. We also offer in-person, hands-on training sessions at our location in Colorado where you have the opportunity to learn under the guidance of an expert, who will train you in every aspect of a windshield repair business. In addition, you will learn the best practices of starting a windshield repair business as well as training on book keeping and billing insurance companies.

Why A Windshield Repair Kit?

For those of you who are looking for the opportunity to become your own boss, getting into the windshield repair business may be the perfect solution for you. We offer eight customizable kits to show you how to make a windshield repair business and help you get that business off the ground. Each kit includes the basic tools and materials you will need to get started, in addition to a training DVD that carefully explains the tools and the processes. Kits are available from your basic starter size, which contains the tools and materials to repair windshield chips, up to the “Powered by Crack Eraser” kit, which gives you the tools and materials to repair not only chips, but cracks up to 24″ long. Also, each windshield repair kit is fully customizable with the option to add any additional tools that you feel would contribute to the success of your windshield crack repair business.

We also offer in-person, hands-on windshield repair business training at our location in Colorado. For three to five days, we will teach you the basics of windshield repair using real vehicles and customers instead of glass on stands. Our experts, including the inventor of our patented dual-head injector technology, will guide you through the entire process and will cover every aspect of running a windshield repair business from setting your prices, to marketing, to Quick Books, to insurance billing. And even after the training is over, we will still be there to answer any questions you have and provide support whenever you need it.

Why Crack Eraser.com for Your Windshield Repair Business Opportunity?

Tim Evans, owner of Crack Eraser, was an experienced windshield repairman already when he realized that none of his tools could repair long cracks with any success. So he developed and invented his own tools and resins and came up with a dual-head injector technology that makes windshield repairs easier, quicker, and stronger. This technology now has a success rate of 99%, which is much higher than other repair companies. The tools are differentiated into chip repair and crack repair, which is also different from other companies. Moreover, they come with a lifetime warranty which is a definite advantage. In addition, all repairs done with our patented tools and products are guaranteed for the customer as long as he owns the car. If, for some reason, the damage extends beyond the repair, we offer a choice of a free additional repair or a full refund. With all this, it’s easy to see how we demonstrate our commitment to exceptional customer service. It is our goal to help make you successful and take on the windshield repair business opportunity by offering the highest quality tools, products, and training.

Why Look Into A Windshield Repair Business Opportunity?

Some of you are looking to supplement your income with something that is lucrative and flexible, while others are possibly looking to undergo a complete career overhaul. Starting your own windshield repair business could very well turn out to be the best career choice and investment you ever make. Do any of these characteristics describe you?

  • highly motivated
  • independent worker
  • need a flexible schedule
  • desire to help people
  • love working with your hands and/or outdoors
  • “people” person
  • take pride in your work

Truly, the windshield repair business could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, as it is very specialized and it is definitely in high demand. You can also be confident that your windshield repair business will have every chance of succeeding because you can depend on the quality and durability of our products and because our training is second to none. We will show you exactly how to make a windshield repair business in the best way possible, so you have the best chance to succeed. Trust us; in the business world, reputation is everything, so you can be sure that when you are done with the training you will be ready to handle all aspects of your new business.

How Much Does It Cost?

CrackEraser.com strives to keep our products and training as low and cost effective as possible. There are several other windshield repair kit companies out there, and we encourage our customers to do their research; however we truly believe that our products, tools, methods, training, and customer service are far superior due to our level of experience and commitment to providing the highest quality service to our customers. Our eight customizable kits range from $274 for the basic starter kit for chips only, up to $1899.95 for the master kit that will repair long cracks up to 24″ as well as chips.

Our hands-on windshield chip repair business training is also a definite advantage over other companies. For $600, you can:

  • Attend a three-day session where you will learn to repair rock chips and long cracks;
  • Learn the basics of business marketing;
  • Learn how to do Quick Books; and
  • Learn how to bill insurance companies.
  • Learn all you need to know and more about how to make a windshield repair business

We firmly believe that your level of success is greatly affected by your level of training, so that is why we offer such extensive windshield repair training beyond what you can watch on a DVD. We know you will greatly benefit We firmly believe that your level of success is greatly affected by your level of training, so that is why we offer such extensive windshield repair training beyond what you can watch on a DVD. Without a doubt, we know how to help you learn how to make a windshield repair business, and we know you will greatly benefit from our experts’ personal attention and their years of experience.

Best of all, as far as start-up costs go, this is truly one of the lowest and most reasonable investments you could ever make when you consider the potential for the return. Why wait? Call 719-331-5966 today to get your windshield repair kit and learn how to make your windshield repair business today!