What is the Best Windshield Repair Kit?

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Having a chip or a crack in your windshield may not seem like a problem at first, but once it starts expanding that is where you run into the real problem. Fixing the crack itself shouldn’t be difficult. If you have the right set of tools you can seal that baby up in just five minutes or less! You heard …

Harshdeep from Calgary Loves Hands on Training

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Harshdeep says the hands on training is a must because every chip that comes in is different than the last. The hands on training on real world damage is the only way to understand what is the best procedure to use for each chip or long crack.

Delaminated Cracks Can be Repaired

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Sometimes you will see a crack that the plastic layer is delaminate from the glass, These repairs can be preformed and will hold just fine. They will not look as good as a crack that is not delaminated. Usually these are old cracks but this one was just a few days old. Keep in mind old cracks do not repair …

Why is the resin sticky!

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Resin does not dry,  it cures.  However, when it is in contact with air,  it will remain sticky.  When it is not in contact with air,  such as *inside* a crack or underneath a cure tab, it will dry to a non-sticky soft plastic. To see the difference, put two drops on a windshield and cover one with a cure …

Use Extension Arm for Hard to Reach Cracks

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I use the two hole method more and more, However on some cracks the extension arm works very well if you are skilled at flexing the tip of the crack from the inside. Remember when flexing use enough pressure to get the resin flowing and as you go down the crack and as the resin starts flowing easily you can …

Testimonial from Dave Lawrence in Bridge Water MA

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Tim, I just ordered more supplies from your company, which has moved into the number 1 spot I use out of the for kits I use, with that said I thank you for the quality products you supply, a couple weeks ago I ordered 250 mil of 20 resin and today I ordered another 250 mil of 45 resin, however …

Drill Stops on Chips with Legs Close to the Edge

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When working on stone damage with legs close to the Edge or by  Heat Source, It is a very good idea to stop drill the legs to prevent the repair from running while performing the repair or later when the defroster is used.

Hard to Reach or Really Long Cracks

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I find that using a combination of a single injector for the first 2 to 3 inches then switching to a Dual Injector will help with the tight part of a long or hard to reach crack with out using an extension arm. The Single Injector gives you more pressure on the tip of the crack. I use this method …