Getting a replacement for a windshield can cost anywhere between $200.00 and $500.00. In tough economic times, it is far better to fix a windshield than to completely replace it. The high-quality resin in the windshield repair kits sold by Crack Eraser can make those imperfections disappear. The most important benefit is that with a properly performed fix, car windshield repair kits can prevent windshield cracks from getting worse. You can’t get this result from just any kit you see in infomercials or on websites; you need the best windshield repair kit available which is from Crack Eraser. Many other kits halt the progress of the crack but do a poor job of hiding the damage, and others perform the opposite way with the crack looking ok for a brief amount of time until vibrations and jolts cause the crack to grow. There is simply no substitute for quality when it comes to something as serious as your windshield.

Our Windshield Repair Kits come Fully Loaded with everything you Need to Complete the Fix

Crack Eraser windshield repair kits include everything you will need to complete the repair. Our entry-level DIY kit for windshield repairing chips and cracks includes such much needed components as the molded repair tool for injecting into chips and cracks, supplies and resin for repairing up to sixty chips and twenty repairs, a training DVD to help you get the most out of your windshield repair kit, a Dremel, and more. There is no denying that Crack Eraser makes the best kit in the business.

Repair your Windshield as Fast as Possible to Keep the Problem from Worsening

A windshield chip can become a crack at any moment. Investing in a windshield repair kit as soon as possible is always the smartest policy. With the right tools and training, windshield repairs can be very easy and should not be very time consuming. Of course, it is a huge financial savings over windshield replacement. If all you have are some stars or cracks, there is simply no reason to replace the entire windshield, a windshield repair kit is all you need. Most importantly, windshields add to the structural integrity of your vehicle. In case of a roll over, the windshield needs to be in good condition to help keep you safe.
If you live in a climate that has extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, your cracked windshield is very compromised, making your cracked windshield repair kit an absolute must. The extreme temperatures will have differing effects on your windshield, but the result is the same: a worsening of damage over time. Stress from cold weather will have a shrinking effect on the windshield, causing it to become more concave, hot weather stress combined with the counteracting force of the air conditioning unit will also warp the shape of the windshield, resulting in worse cracks.

So do not delay, buy the very best windshield repair kit today!