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Day in the life of a Windshield Repair Business Owner

Tim Evans Crack Eraser Founder and Inventor featured on the "Put them on the Glass" Podcast

Crack Eraser has the best windshield repair system because:

-Crack Eraser does Crack Repair up to 24" in length
-Fastest Chip Repair with only 2 Drops of Resin needed and No Cleaning between Repairs
- 6 Hours of Video Training on Real Customer's Vehicles
-Business Start up Support with Insurance Billing Training, monthly web meetings and Online Marketing Setup and Support


Glass Repair Business


We are a company that sells windshield repair kits and provides training to individuals who are motivated self-starters and would like to take the opportunity to become their own boss by starting their own windshield repair business. Whatever your situation, if you are looking for a career change or just looking for some additional income, windshield repair businesses are proving to be a very lucrative venture. Many windshields now cost over $1000 due to additional technology such as Head-Up Displays (HUDs), cameras (such as “eyesight” in Subaru which stops the car if the driver is distracted), lane-change sensors, and active cruise control – just to name a few! In addition, the cost of replacing these high-tech windshields often includes additional calibration costs. Therefore, insurance companies and customers are more motivated than ever before to explore cost-saving alternatives. In fact, most insurance companies waive the deductible for windshield repair – so you will get paid without any cost to your customers. Better yet, you will be paid under the comprehensive portion of your customer’s auto insurance which does not affect their insurance rate. Lastly, windshield repair is a green, environmentally friendly business – you will be preventing pollution by saving broken windshields from ending up in a landfill. It’s a win-win for everybody. For these reasons, windshield repair is a burgeoning business that is about to explode.

With the right tools, materials, and training you could very well discover that this is the opportunity of a lifetime. We offer several “Powered by Crack Eraser™” professional windshield repair kits, from budget starter kits to fully loaded professional kits. What differentiates Crack Eraser from the competition, however, is our outstanding training programs. We offer an unprecedented opportunity for hands-on training at several locations with seasoned professionals where you will learn the techniques and practice repairs on customer windshields. You will also learn how to start your business, interact with customers, perform bookkeeping, and how to get paid by billing customer insurance. If you cannot attend hand-on training, we also offer an extensive video training series featuring the inventor of Crack Eraser, Tim Evans, providing detailed instructions and demonstrating multiple chip and crack repairs on customer windshields. Hands-on training attendees also receive the video series for free so you can go back and review anytime. You will also have lifetime access via phone (voice or text) and email to the inventor and owner of Crack Eraser for advice on starting and operating your business. What other company offers that?!


Tim Evans, USA Veteran and owner of Crack Eraser, was an experienced windshield repairman already when he realized that none of the tools or resins purchased from other companies could repair long cracks with any success. Therefore, he invented and patented “Powered by Crack Eraser™” tools, including both single and dual-head injector technology that makes windshield chip and crack repairs easy, quick, and strong. All Crack Eraser Tools and Resins are made in the USA. All Crack Eraser kits include both chip and crack repair tools, doubling your profit potential. “Powered by Crack Eraser™” technology and Crack Eraser’s specialized chip and crack repair resins have a proven success rate of 99% – much higher than other companies. Moreover, all Crack Eraser tools come with a lifetime warranty. In addition, we firmly believe that your level of success is greatly affected by your level of training. In Crack Eraser training, Tim Evans shares over 30 years of experience in the business. After training hundreds of people, he knows the best way to learn to repair windshields is to repair actual damage on customer cars as opposed to glass on stands. In our hands-on training, you will be working outside, with an expert on actual customer windshields with all the variables that you are likely to see in your own business. No other company offers this type of training. If you cannot travel to one of our training locations, we offer an extensive video training series with over 30 videos of Tim Evans repairing customer windshields and explaining all the technology, techniques, and how to run a successful business. Best of all, when you purchase “Powered by Crack Eraser™” kits and training we will provide on-going support as you start and continue to run a successful business.


At Crack Eraser we truly believe that our products, tools, methods, training, and customer service are far superior due to our level of experience and commitment to providing the highest quality service to our customers. We have several kits from highly affordable (under $300) starter kits to fully-loaded professional kits with training for under $2,500 (not including travel costs if attending hands-on training). For a total investment of under $5,000 including: “Powered by Crack Eraser™” products and training, business license and insurance, vehicle lettering, business cards, etc. you have the potential to earn over $100,000 annually. How do we know? Ask our successful customers who are running their own businesses under Certified Partners.

Call 719-331-5966 today for more information or order online to get started with a business where you can be the boss!

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